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Skill Level - Advance
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* Makin's Clay®
  • 60g Yellow Clay
  • 60g White Clay
  • 60g Red Clay
  • 60g Green Clay
  • Recommended Makin's® Tools:
  • Chisel
  • Mallet
  • Roller

  • Other Materials:
  • 1 piece of Silver Thin Wire
  • White Glue
  • Black Pen
  • Brush
  • Gloss Varnish
  • How:
        1. Print and cut the paper pattern.
    2. Roll white cClay into a sheet the cut according to the paper pattern with Makin's Mallet.
        3. Roll flesh colored clay into balls as shown. Stick parts onto the base.
        4. Roll Red Clay for the stocking and the hats and shape according to the pattern. Stick parts onto the base.
        5. Roll white clay into the bream and the tip of the hat then add on the base as shown.
        6. Roll white clay for the moustache. Cut green, yellow and white clay sheets into shape then add onto the stockings.
        7. Draw in the faces with black pen and add the wire to the back.
    Designed by - MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team