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Skill Level - Advance
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* Makin's Clay®
  • Some Blue Clay
  • Some Black Clay
  • Some Brown Clay
  • Some Neon Orange Clay
  • 2.5g Green Clay
  • 3g Red Clay
  • 90g White Clay
  • Recommended Makin's™ Tools:
  • Chisel
  • Roller
  • Roller & Cutter
  • Clay Gun Extruder
  • Clay Mixing Ruler™
  • Clay Mixing Ruler™ Small Stick

  • Other Materials:
  • Ruler
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks
  • Method:
        1. Roll white clay into two balls and stack them on top of each other as shown. Using the short stick from Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler, indent holes into the side for the arms.
        2. Roll neon orange clay into a cone for the nose. Role a small amount of blue clay for the eyes and attach to the head. Using a toothpick pin in the mouth.
        3. Extrude red and green clay with Makin's Gun Extruder. Line the clay alternately as shown and roll flat with Makin's Roller.
    4. Cut and fold the strip as shown texturing the ends with a toothpick then stick onto the snowman. For a large section of the strip, fold and stick to the neck as shown. For the reminder of the strip, fold into a V shape then add onto the snowman.
        5. Roll brown clay into a Y-shape for the arms and place into the holes in the body made previously. Texture the arms with a toothpick. Roll blue clay into buttons and attach. Indent the buttons with the small stick.
    6. Roll red clay and cut into a sector of a circle as shown. Curl to form a cone then attach to the snowman's head.
    7. Place white clay at the joint of the cap and texture with a toothpick. Add a small ball into the tip of the cap and texture with a toothpick.
    Designed by - Dorothy Chan, MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team