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Skill Level - Advance
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* Makin's Clay® - The No Bake Clay®
  • Some Neon Green Clay
  • Some Neon Pink Clay
  • Some Neon Orange Clay
  • Some Glow in the Dark Clay
  • Some Red Clay
  • 10g Yellow Clay
  • 10g White Clay
  • Recommended Makin's Brand® Tools:
  • Chisel
  • Roller
  • Clay Mixing Ruler
  • Clay Mixing Ruler™ Small Stick

  • Other Materials:
  • Ruler
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Straw (diameter: 6mm)
  • Toothpicks
  • Paintbrush
  • Silver & Gold glitter glue
  • Gold color ink pen
  • Silver thread (approx. 45mm long)
  • How:
    1. Roll light yellow clay into a long teardrop shape. Flatten the larger end to form a corn shape. Hollow at the upper back of body with the small stick in Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler.
        2. Cut silver wire and tie it to form a circle. Stick and insert the knot into the hole with the help of the small stick. Press light yellow clay into the hole to cover it up.
        3. Roll light yellow clay into teardrop shapes for the sleeves. Hollow the larger end then slightly curve them with fingers according to the different positions of angels.
        4. Roll flesh colored clay into teardrop shapes then slightly flatten for the hands. Shape the clay to form hands as shown. Stick the hands into the opening of sleeves with the thumbs facing upwards.
    5. Measure the length of the arm fit to the body. Cut the top at an angle. Stick it to the top of the body.
        6. Roll flesh color clay into an oval shape for the head. Use half edge of a 6mm diameter straw to press on the face to make an U-shape smile. Stick two black dots for eyes. Roll flesh colored clay into balls then flatten for ears. Stick in place. Indent ear holes with the small stick of Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler. Stick the head in place.
        7. Roll glow-in-the-dark clay into a sheet with Makin's Roller. Cut three crosses and stick a cross in front of each angel.
        8. Roll glow-in-the-dark clay into a rope for the halo. Cut both ends angled with scissors. Stick the ends together to form a circle.
      9. Roll glow-in-the-dark clay into teardrop shapes for the wings. Flatten then curve the pointed ends to form comma shapes. Texture the feather of the wings with Makin's Chisel.

    Attach two wings in place as shown to cover the hole in the back.

      10. Roll neon green clay into a log then flatten surfaces as shown with a ruler for the presents. Roll red clay into two long ropes then wrap them around the neon green clay as shown.

    Roll red clay into a rope then form an 8 shape for the bow. Stick into place.

        11. Roll neon orange clay into a teardrop for the trumpet. Hollow the larger end and blunt the smaller end with finger.

    Roll neon orange clay into a rope for making the handle of trumpet. Stick it in place.

        12. Roll neon pink clay into a rectangular sheet. Trim at the intervals of 5mm width with scissors. Write the words on with Makin's Chisel. Curve and stick it on the hands of Angel.
        13. Stick the crowns, gift and trumpet in place. Paint the words of the banner with gold ink pen. Put some gold or silver glitter glue onto the finished product.
    Designed by - Dorothy Chan, MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team