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Skill Level - Easy
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* Makin's Clay®
  • some Red Clay
  • some Green Clay
  • some Neon Yellow Clay
  • 2.5g Yellow Clay
  • 2.5g Blue Clay
  • 5g White Clay
  • Any Favorite color/colors
  • Recommended Makin's® Tools:
  • Mallet
  • Chisel
  • Rasp
  • Roller
  • Roller & Cutter
  • Clay Mixing Ruler™
  • Texture Sheets (Stripe)
  • Texture Sheets (Screen)
  • Other Materials:
  • Ruler
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil cap
  • Pencil
  • Method:
        1. Roll a 25mm diameter white clay ball with palms. Flatten to 3mm thick with Makin's Roller. Cut two 20mm x 15mm rectangles with Makin's Roller & Cutter to make inner pages. Mark stripes on the 4 sides of the rectangles with the edge of a ruler.
      2. Roll a 20mm diameter blue clay ball with palms. Flatten to a 1mm thick, 35mm x 20mm large blue rectangle sheet, with Makin's Brand Texture Sheets (Stripe) on top and slightly roll to create patterns on the book cover. Put the inner pages at the middle of the book cover with stripe pattern facing outward and wrap it.
    3. Punch a hole at the centre of book by a 7mm diameter pencil cap. Make sure the hole is large enough for the pencil top to get through.

    Make one more yellow book using Makin's Texture Sheets (Screen) for the book cover with same steps as above. Stick the 2 books together with the holes matching with each other by inserting the pencil right through them.

    Roll a pink sheet at 1mm thick with Makin's Roller. <The basic ratio of getting pink with Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler is White(F) + Red(B)>

    Cut a 13mm x 13mm square by scissors. Slightly coil the corners of the sheet to make a piece of paper. Stick it on top of the books to cover the hole.

    4. Roll a 1mm diameter, 5mm long green rope for the apple's stem. Let dry.

    Roll a 3mm green ball to a teardrop shape with finger. Slightly flatten it with finger and mark the leaf vein by Makin's Brand Mallet. Twist the blunt end of the leaf to make leaf stem.

        5. Roll a 9mm diameter red ball to make an apple with palm. Indent a hole at the top with the small stick of Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler. Insert and stick the dried stem and leaf into the hole.
        6. Roll a 10mm diameter light green ball to make the head of worm with palm. <The basic ratio of getting light green with Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler is Neon Yellow(E) + Green(E) + White(G)> Slightly roll it to an egg shape with finger. Press a V-shape with the corner edge of Makin's Rasp to make the mouth. Pin the eyes and 2 holes at the feeler locations on head for placing two feelers later with Makin's Chisel.
        7. The body of the worm is made with small light green balls. Roll three 4mm diameter balls for the upper part, one 7mm diameter ball for the buttock, roll six 2mm diameter balls for the tail. Stick them together as shown with the head on top and the smallest balls at bottom.
        8. Roll two 1mm diameter, 20mm long green ropes with palm. Coil one end of rope to make the horn. Cut it into 7mm long and let dry.
        9. To make the glasses, roll two 2mm diameter red balls with finger. Indent a hole with the small stick of Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler. Enlarge the hole by slowly twisting and pushing it up to the small stick, until the inner hole at 5mm diameter. Slightly flatten both rings with finger.
        Finally. Stick the 2 feelers into the holes on top of the worm's head. Stick the glasses in place. Then stick the apple and the worm on top of the books.Put it on top of a pencil as a topper.
    Designed by - Dorothy Chan, MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team
    ©2008 Sino Harvest Ltd. All rights reserved.