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Skill Level - Advance
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* Makin's Clay®
  • 120g Neon Orange clay
  • 120g White clay
  • 120g Yellow clay
  • Recommended Makin's® Tools:
  • Mallet
  • Roller
  • Other Materials:
  • Foam Ball (60mm diameter)
  • Chenille (Orange)
  • Plastic eyes stickers (4mm diameter)
  • White Glue
  • Method:
        1. Roll yellow clay into 1mm thick sheet with Makin's Roller. Wrap around foam ball to make body of bird.
        2. Add a small amount of yellow clay onto the surface to form the backside of the bird. Smooth and blend surface.
        3. Roll white clay into two balls for eyes and glue plastic eyes onto eyeballs.
        4. Make beak, comb, wings and feet with orange clay. Texture with Makin's Mallet.
        5. Glue beak, comb and wings in place. Attach chenille on each foot with glue then insert and glue onto body.
    Designed by - MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team
    ©2008 Sino Harvest Ltd. All rights reserved.