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Skill Level - Advance
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* Makin's Clay®
  • 120g White clay
  • 120g Green clay
  • 120g Black clay
  • 120g Blue clay
  • Recommended Makin's® Tools:
  • Chisel
  • Roller
  • Rasp

  • Other Materials:
  • Acrylic Paint: Burnt Sienna
  • Acrylic Paint: True Red
  • Acrylic Paint: Titanium(Snow)
  • Prepared layout of black outline landscape design (use the reference outline given or make your own by freehand)
  • Sketch Paper
  • Dilute White Glue
  • Black Cardboard
  • Photos
  • Sketch Paper
  • Dilute White Glue
  • Black Cardboard
  • Photos
  • Method:
        1. Trace outline of reference onto a piece of sketch paper and apply a layer of diluted glue. Roll out a white clay sheet 153mm x 102mm and 2mm thick. Stick onto sketch paper.
        2. Mix green and blue clay to make dark green. Mix white and green to make light green. Using the outline, apply the two kinds green clay and white clay using Makin's Chisel to make the trees.
        3. Use Makin's Rasp to texture the clay accordingly. Mix some gray colored clay and apply with white clay to create a snowy effect on the trees and mountaintops.
        4. Mix white and blue clay unevenly for the sky. Apply and smooth down with Makin's Rasp.
        5. Add white clay to make clouds. Glue the "scene" onto a piece of black cardboard.

        6. Use Makin's Roller to roll a small blue clay sheets and roll required amounts of white clay to form letters. Stick letters onto the blue clay.
        7. Attach word pieces onto the "scene" with glue then add your favorite photos on top.
    Designed by - MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team