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Skill Level - Professional
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* Makin's Clay®
  • 10g Blue Clay
  • 10g Neon Pink Clay
  • 30g Brown Clay
  • 40g Yellow Clay
  • 55g Green Clay
  • 55g White Clay
  • 70g Flesh Clay
  • Any Favorite color / colors
  • Recommended Makin's® Tools:
  • Chisel
  • Mallet
  • Roller
  • Rasp
  • Roller & Cutter
  • Clay Mixing Ruler™
  • Clay Gun Extruder

  • Other Materials:
  • Ruler
  • Clay with wire (Approximate length: 90mm)
  • Clay Pusher
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brush
  • Toothpick
  • Straw (large<10mm diameter> and small<3mm diameter>)
  • Method:
      1. Roll white clay into ball. With ruler, roll into blunt teardrop then flatten both ends to make bottle.
        2. Mark a narrow edge on bottle with ruler. Hollow smaller end with a clay pusher. Roll out yellow clay into ball and teardrop shape. Place teardrop on the side of the bottle mouth then push the ball in. Decorate with acrylics after drying.
        3. Roll white clay into a teardrop shape for shoes. Flatten shoe then hollow narrow end with clay pusher to fit leg in later. Repeat for other shoe.
      4. Roll flesh color clay into legs. Insert the leg into hollows of shoe (taking note of the fitting into shoe).
        5. Roll 1mm thin sheet of any color clay with Makin's Roller. Cut desired shape then decorate side of shoes. Embed toothpicks into the leg for support.
      6. Roll yellow clay into egg shape, sharpen larger blunt end into a pointed tail.
        7. Hollow and enlarge one hole for the waist and on the opposite side, two smaller holes for the legs.
        8. Roll and flatten small balls of brown clay into rope and stick onto the body. Texture with Makin's Chisel.
        9. Roll white clay into two balls and flatten into discs. Put into hollows of the leg holes, indent with clay pusher. Stick legs into place.
      10. Roll flesh color clay into short egg shape to make upper body. Fit into hollow in lower body. Roll flesh color clay into a small cylinder shape for the neck and attach to body. Embed toothpick from neck into upper body for support. Indent hole in the back for wing attachments.
      11. Roll light blue clay into four long teardrop shapes. Stick pointed ends of clay together and flatten. Combine two wings together then attach into body.
    12. Roll flesh color clay into 2 thick ropes. Press and roll the rope into 3 sections to make arm and hands. Bend elbow and shape hands. Repeat to make other hand. Stick arms into body and attach bottle.
        13. Roll flesh color clay into a slightly oval shape for head. Put a depression onto the upper part to create indent for hollows of eyes.
    14. Cut a straw in half and use the U-shape to make the mouth. Affix a small amount of clay for nose. Roll clay into teardrops and shape into ears then attach to head. Add eyebrows and eyelashes with clay strips or with acrylic after drying.
      15. Extrude clay to make hair with Makin's Clay Gun Extruder and fix to head. Comb the hair by pressing and sliding Makin's Mallet between strands. Add color onto the face with cosmetic powder or paint.
        16. Roll yellow clay into ropes and shape into antennas. Indent the position for the antennas onto head and attach with glue.
        17. Roll a large piece of green clay then flatten for grass floor. Texture the clay by ticking upwards over the clay surface with Makin's Chisel. Press on side with grass to make grass roots. Stick the fairy onto the grass then stick the wire clip.
    Designed by - Dorothy Chan, MAKIN'S CLAY® Design Team