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Press Release

HONG KONG -- 28 February 2007 – Sino Harvest Limited, H.K., a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong and the manufacturer of Makin’s Clay®, today announced MAKIN’S® USA, Inc. as United States and Canada importer and distributor for the arts and crafts markets.

MAKIN’S® USA, Inc., based in Omaha, Nebraska, will serve as importer, and sales, distribution and service center for the U.S. and Canada arts and crafts markets, representing the complete line of Makin’s® brand products including Makin’s Clay® – The No Bake Clay®, The No Bake Polymer Clay®, Makin’s Brand Clay®, Makin’s Brand®, Makin’s® and Makin’s Professional™ tools - Professional Clay Tools® ,  Ultimate Clay Machine® and Ultimate Clay Extruder®, Ultimate Clay Extruder® - Stainless Steel version for metal clays, ClayCore® – Hollow Core Extruder Adapters (in conjunction with PMC Supply of Texas), Makin’s ETC®, And I Made It Myself™; and all associated clay tools and accessories bearing the trademarked Makin’s® brands.

Sino Harvest Ltd. Managing Director, Bill Mangelsen, says, “Our partnership with MAKIN’S® USA, Inc. provides a one-stop portal of entry where our customers at every level – distributors, chain stores, retailers – can find sales and distribution solutions under one roof. We are dedicated to supporting our customers and providing them with whatever tools we have at our disposal – our website is extensive and is constantly being updated with the newest and most useful information, and we are soon to announce a full range of exciting programs available as part of our comprehensive program of customer support.”

Annie Mangelsen, Managing Director of MAKIN’S® USA, Inc. represents the third generation of her family involved in the crafts industry for over 40 years. “Our Omaha warehouse is set up and ready for business,” explains Annie Mangelsen. “We’re eager to provide sales and service to the many customers in both the U.S. and Canada through a vast network of distributors, chain stores, retailers, and online retailers who sell the Makin’s® brand, and look forward to personally assisting end-user, consumers who trust Makin’s Clay, professional tools and accessories for their crafting needs.” 

“As we grow our business in Omaha, we encourage new businesses to consider adding the Makin’s® brand to complement and round out their crafts inventory,” Annie Mangelsen continues. “We provide complete sales solutions custom designed for craft sellers from distributors to chain stores to retailers to independent hometown craft stores. Our years of experience in the industry, combined with the guidance and resources of Sino Harvest in Hong Kong, gives us a unique edge and ability to tailor a program that helps our customers successfully present an innovative no bake air-dry polymer clay and related products, with creative applications for the crafts market.”

Sino Harvest Ltd., H.K. will continue providing end-user customer service support for the Makin’s® brand in the U.S. and Canada, as one of many services designed to support the company’s resellers. End-user consumers can contact Makin’s® customer service team through the company website: www.makinsclay.com; or Jeannie Havel, Marketing & Brand Manager, North America.


For sales or pricing information, contact Bill Mangelsen, Managing Director, Sino Harvest Limited, Hong Kong.

Sino Harvest Limited
2/F., Flat G-H Winner Factory Bldg
55 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2342-9908
Fax: +852 2343-2850
Email: info@sinoharvest.com.hk (info@sinoharvest.com.hk)
Website: www.makinsclay.com

Makin's®, USA, Inc.
Annie Mangelsen, Managing Director
12305 Cary Circle, Ste #4
Omaha, Nebraska 68128
Phone: (402) 891-0085
Fax:   (402) 891-0089
Email: Annie_Mangelsen@makins-usa.com (annie_mangelsen@makins-usa.com)

Jeannie Havel
Marketing & Brand Manager
Makin’s Clay, N.A.
Phone: 301-447-2437
Mobile: 910-273-0279
Email: Jeannie_Havel@makinsclay.com (jeannie_havel@makinsclay.com)

The "Makin's®" name and all associated names, trademarks, logotypes, copyrights and patents are owned by Sino Harvest Ltd. in Hong Kong.  Makin’s® USA, Inc. is an official Sino Harvest Ltd. licensed importer.

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