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Press Release
Makin's Clay® -The No Bake Clay® - is finally here...
Anaheim, California - January 25, 2003
62th Annual HIA Convention & Trade Show 26th - 29th January, 2003
HIA booth nos.: 2811, 2910
In a perfect partnership that spells great news for consumers, Makin's Clay® unveiled today its most innovative modeling clay product, Makin's Clay®. Makin's Clay® has put together a fabulous program that not only works, but will get people excited about using clay. Many who have never used clay before - for whom the whole process just seemed too complicated and specialized - can now start using clay with confidence, thanks to this truly revolutionary product that makes clay modeling even easier, and much more fun!
After years spent in development, Makin's Clay® is the most adaptable yet, while being safe and user-friendly. Suitable for both the amateur and professional, Makin's Clay® is The No Bake Clay® - that dries with normal exposure to air and sets hard in 24 hours or slightly longer, depending on the thickness.
With the simplicity and convenience of The No Bake Clay®, many groups such as outdoor summer camps and young crafters will now be able to incorporate clay modeling into their craft projects.
Because it air dries, Makin's Clay® is ideal for clay modeling work that incorporates delicate materials like foam, paper, wood, plastics, etc.
And if that wasn't enough, it's blendable, paintable, and non-toxic. It can be sculpted, molded or hand-shaped while it is moist, and it accepts and retains fine details. With its variety of possible effects and finishes, its uses are endless, ranging from personalized jewelry, photo frames, and Christmas decorations, to centerpieces, party crafts or professional product models.
Makin's Clay® is available in 14 colors - 9 basic, 4 neon and 1 glow in the dark. It is unique in that it can be mixed together using the Clay Mixing Ruler™, or with acrylic paints to create hundreds of different shades. It can be sanded, painted or colored with water based markers also.
Makin's Clay® is not just a brand new clay product, but a whole creative system that allows consumers to stylize their art modeling work.
Makin's Clay® has provided a user-friendly system to accompany the clay products, so that the consumer will be able to create exciting and easy projects with the help of the Makin's Clay® Extruder, Push Molds, Cutters, and Texture sheets designed primarily for easy layered sculpting.
New ideas and instructions are always being developed and will be available on the website at www.makinsclay.com.
For consumer safety and peace of mind, Makin's Clay® is water based, non-PVC, and certified non-toxic, meeting the required standards of the ACMI (Art and Creative Materials Institute), who have approved the use of the AP Non-Toxic seal on all packages of Makin's Clay®. The product conforms to ASTM D-4236. Available in 3 package sizes: 60gm, 120gm, and 500gm, and a 120gm multi-color pack for smaller projects. Makin's Clay® will be available at all Major Retailers.
Please contact makinsclay.com for our distributor or find online retailers of the United States and Canada.
Makin's Clay® is manufactured by Sino Harvest Limited Co whose office is in Hong Kong. Sino Harvest is owned by Bill Mangelsen a pionner of the Craft Industry. He started in the retail side in 1956 then started Mangelsen wholesale in Omaha in 1965 in 1971 he made his way to the orient and has lived in Hong Kong since 1979.
Sino Harvest Limited contact details:

2/F., Flat G-H Winner Factory
55 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2342-9908 Fax: +852 2343-2850
Company website: www.sinoharvest.com.hk
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